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Name of Responder: _____________________________________________

Company Name: _________________________ Contact No. ______________


Kindly provide answers to all Questions as sincerely you can. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Ql. How do you rate the con concept of “franchising” presented by Beema-Pakistan on the following rating scale: (Tick mark only).

a. Excellent ______
b. Very good ______
c. Good ______
d. Fair ______
e. Bad ______

Q2. Will you sign up as “SITARA” franchise? (Tick mark only).

YES __________ (If “Yes” go to Q.3)

NO ___________ (If “No” go to Q.4)

Q.3 Why you would like to sign up as “SITARA” franchise?



Q.4 What are the reasons for not signing as “SITARA” franchise? Kindly give at least
TWO reasons.



Q.5 Do you think that the concept of “Franchising” in General Insurance Industry will be a success in Pakistan?

If “YES” _______________

Give “Reason”_________________________________________________

If “NO” _______________

Give “Reason” _________________________________________________

Q6. In your opinion what factors will play a key role in making “franchising” a success in General Insurance Industry in Pakistan? Please provide at least 3-factors.

Factor 1. _____________________________________________

Factor 2. _____________________________________________

Factor 3. _____________________________________________

Q7. From the following options which one you will choose to apply for as a franchise?
WHY? Give at least two reasons. (Tick mark only).

· Food Company __________
· General Insurance Company __________
· Textile Company __________

Reasons ____________________________________________________


Q8. Do you do any kind of business besides engaging yourself for “SITARA” franchise?
What type of business?

YES ___________

NO ___________

Type of Business _____________ Name of Company ________________

No. OF Employees ______________

Q9. What is the single most important factor in success of any business?


Hard work

Any other, Please specify _______________

Q10. What is the single most important factor in failure of any business?


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