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The capital structure of the company is designed to represent a lean yet strong and realistic yoke. The financial size and ability of the company selling services like insurance do not need a huge “paidup capital" and/or “statutory reserves”. On the contrary, it is the compulsive synchronization of the "Claim Settlement Ability” with the "Risk Assumption Limit” that has been addressed. This is our system and this is “Real Insurance". The present authorized capital of this company is 500M of which 475.8M is currently paid-up. It is envisaged that the capitalbase and reserves, will both, increase on a progressive and regular basis. Capitalization therefore, is presently being addressed in kind and real estate is being acquired / transferred to meet that end. ‘Reinsurance’, ‘retailing’, ‘recruitment plans’ and products have been so engineered that together they contribute almost daily, to a regular growth of cash and gold reserves, This is state-of-the-art financial structuring. The “Risk Assumption Limit" is constantly enlarged with ‘every’ revenue receipt, and in tandem the “Claim Settlement Ability” goes up. It is assumed that within three years from 2004 this Company should lnshallah! have a real asset-base / reserve in excess of 5B Rupees! For the benefit of shareholders, the reserve development notwithstanding, capitalization from income has been resolved by the Board to remain at a humble 2% only.

(YEAR 2003-2004)
Authorized Capital Rs. 500,000,000/-
Issued, subscribed and paid-up capital Rs. 475,897,200/-
Total Assets Rs. 419,860,208/-
Liabilities Rs. 42,412,000/-
Excess of Assets over Liabilities Rs. 377,448,208/-
Expected premium income year 2003-04: US$ 45 Million @ Rs.57.20 : $1 Rs. 2,574,000,000/-
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